A complete range of card dispensers and card issuing machines for kiosk integration
- RFID card dispensers and card issuing machines
- Magnetic card dispensers and card issuing machines
- Motorized RFID readers, barcode card / paper ticket reader
- Motorized card restacking system

more infos about our range of card dispensers and
card dispensing machines


digital concept

The world leader in card dispensers and card issuing machines

Card Dispenser and Card Dispensing Mechanisms by Digital Concept

de 5240 200

Used by Hyatt, Intercontinental,

MGM Las Vegas and many more. 


Card dispensers and card

 readers with a patented


technology for

perfect operation


2.000.000 runs

without incident


compact design

for integration into

flat kiosks


ultra low maintenance

saves you thousands of

     dollars every year      





Digital Concept is a Franco-American engineering and manufacturing company with offices in Paris and Los Angeles.
digital concept is the specialist for card dispensers, motorized card readers, card issuing machines and sim card dispensers designed and created for self-service kiosk integration, where a high level of reliability is required. As a global technology leader in the field of card dispensers, motorized card readers and sim card dispensers we have developed a unique, patented, frictionless mechanism: the concept of operational consistency. Our card dispensing mechanism allows cards to be extracted more than 2 million times from a hopper without incident, allowing a large tolerance with regard to the processed card condition as well as environmental conditions. The compact design of our card dispensers and card readers (only 10' for the RFID model) allows them to be easily integrated into modern, flat kiosk designs.
We welcome you to check out our product line of high precision card dispensers, card dispensing mechansims, card dispensing machines, sim card dispensers and motorized card readers for hotel kiosks, parking systems, loyalty programs, sim card kiosks, mass transit systems, bank cards, telecommunications, bike rental companys, etc.
Digital Concept card dispensers and card dispensing mechanisms are in use by world famous brands like Hyatt, Intercontinental/Holiday Inn, MGM Las Vegas, Luxor Las Vegas, ACCOR, FREE Telecommunications, Gunnebo and many more.

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