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DE 5245 Modular RFID, Barcode, Smart Card Dispenser with capture mechanism for kiosk

DE 5245 modular RFID or barcode dispenser

Specifically developed for kiosks, where a high level of reliability and durability is required. (e.g.: sim card dispenser, parking system, access control)

The card dispenser, based on a unique and reliable mechanism and completely frictionless mechanism allows for a perfect operation without incident for 2 million runs. All of the precise parts for the mechanism are produced on machine tool. Extremley low maintenance necessary!

DE 5245 Modular Card dispenser for rfid / contact less, or bar code cards

- Card extraction from hopper, positioning under the barcode reader and reading.

- Card presentation in bin.

- Internal card capture.

Applications Contact less card or Barcode Card Dispenser with capture mechanism for kiosk

- Access control

- Swimming pool ticketing

- Card parking system

- Can be equipped with barcode reader for SIM card dispenser application.

Specifications DE 5245 Modular RFID or Barcode Card Dispenser with capture mechanism for kiosk

The smallest device on the market – only 10’ deep

- pre empty card detection

- Accepts ISO-standard thickness plastic cards, 0.4 to 1mm

- Hopper capacity: 250 cards (thickness 0.75) option: 500 cards

- RS232c Interface

- Dimensions w:80mm h :270mm d :200mm

Power supply: 24v DC +/- 10%

In compliance with CE and RoHS standards.