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LCB 5460 Motorized barcode card and paper ticket reader

LCB 5460 Motorized barcode card 1D version A

LCB 5460 BCR-A

Barecode 1D version A

LCB 5460
Motorized barcode card & paper ticket reader

Motorized barcode reader for ticketing applications, with CCD 1D or 2D barcode reader.

- Compact size and light weight allows easy installation in any terminal.
- Paper ticket or plastic card , ISO 7810 format, thickness 0.2 at 1mm
- Stable card transport mechanism with 2 rollers by axe mounted on ball bearings.
- Ticket feeding speed: 250 mm/s
- Front or rear ticket reject.
- Full compatible with all normalized barcodes.
- Option 1: bezel with shutter and LED
- Available in 3 versions:
1D barcode in length
1D barcode in wide
2D barcode
- Interface EIA232 or 485, 9600b, N,1.
- Power supply: 24v 1A peak.
- Comply with International safety standards and CE mark.

- Dimensions : W :117mm (4'61) H :150mm (5'91) with CCD reader, D:154mm (6'06)

LCB 5460 Motorized barcode card 1D version B

LCB 5460 BCR-B

Barcode 1D version B

LCB5460 BCR 2D barecode 2 D

LCB 5460 BCR-2D

Barecode 2D

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