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LED 5331 Magnetic card issuing machine - Digital Concept

LED 5331 Magnetic card issuing machine


LED 5331

Magnetic card issuing machine for Kiosk integration

with our patented, frictionless technology and ultra compact design

Motorized magstripe card reader and encoder with a card dispenser designed to be integrated in various self-service applications, where a high level of reliability and durability is required. Example: check-in/ check-out kiosk for hotels.
  • Provided with the Omron MKW-PCH mechanism and the highly reliable dispenser DE-5220 with a capacity of 200 cards and allowing a perfect operation of more than 2 million runs without incident.
  • 3-track management in lo-co / hi-co (switchable) modes, in accordance with ISO7811 standards.

  • Emulation VINGCARD, TESA, ONITY, binary mode, and ISO Thrift on track 3, allowing compliance with the main manufacturers' magnetic locks for hotel rooms.
  • Internal card capture.
  • Card acceptance, reading, and encoding. The card can then be returned to the user or captured.
  • LED display on the bezel, controlled by software.
  • Treatment time per card: 6 seconds.
  • Easy reloading hopper, with a simplified cleaning procedure.

  • RS232C Serial interface.
  • Very compact size, only 14' (340mm) deep.
  • Power supply: 100-220 v 50VA. 50-60Hz CEM89 / 366 CSA TUV.
  • Conforms to International safety standards, CE mark and RoHS.
  • Dimensions: w:117(6.96') d:360(14.17) h:253(9.96')

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